We are a fully mobile rapid response locksmith company locally owned and operated in Tucson, AZ.
We offer the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing a locksmith. On the one hand you have the few long standing brick and mortar businesses which are competent and affordable but all too frequently lack the motivation to provide prompt quality service – especially for smaller jobs. Most of these also keep banker’s hours and will let you down in an after-hours emergency.

On the other hand you have the national call centers which usually provide fast service but lack expertise and the accountability of a genuinely local business. This latter group also falters when it comes to larger jobs requiring contractual commitments and competitive pricing – in fact, they are always much more expensive and fall very short on ethics in general.

At Old Pueblo Locksmith Co we not only provide all of the benefits of the traditional brick and mortars – competence, longevity, and affordability; but also provide the rapid response and willingness to perform small jobs that the call centers offer (without the price gouging or lack of accountability).


''HELP! I'm locked out'' 🙁
(520)333-5790 and… We’re on our way!

There is nothing worse than being locked out of your own auto, home, or business – we get it. Give us a call or send a message (our universal number is text capable). We will bend the laws of space-time physics to set things right ASAP! (Yellow means “hit the gas”, right?)


''You're Fired!'' And other changes to access privileges at your place of business.
We offer comprehensive access control solutions to commercial, industrial, and government facilities. From simple single lock changes to large master key systems to high-tech combination and/or key card systems, Old Pueblo Locksmith Co can accommodate your specific needs. Please call and ask for Shawn.


''I just bought a new house...''
Congratulations! Your home is your castle and an essential factor of your domestic happiness is feeling SECURE. “Who before me still has a key?” Even if everything seems in order, why take the risk? Best practice is to ensure your home security by having all your locks re-pinned to accept only one new key (unless you want tiered access for guests, housekeepers, and yard workers, of course – then we can design a master key system or combination based, time restricted system.

Why do I have 3 different keys for my new house? You may not be worried about who has a key, nor need special access times/areas but still… why should you have to use multiple keys for different locks?? This usually occurs in older homes but sometimes is the situation in newer homes. What has happened is someone replaced a broken or otherwise compromised lock on their own without properly matching it to the other existing locks. Most of the time we can simply rekey some or all of your existing lock to match one of your existing keys or a new key entirely. Sometimes the keyways are incompatible and some hardware needs to be replaced to get you on one key. Give us a call with details and we will advise you. We may ask you to send photos by text or email to facilitate a remote diagnostic/quote.


This site is under development.
We suffered a complete loss of our original website and have experienced other frustrations with subsequent prepackaged site builders/providers. Therefore, we are rebuilding our site from the ground up with a more flexible but also more challenging platform. Shawn is “baking from scratch” on this one – Yikes! He’s a locksmith, not a webmaster! Yeah… this may be a work in progress for some time. Thank you for your patience.