Old Pueblo Locksmith Co.
Tucson, AZ
Rapid Response Mobile Service
We are a locally owned and operated small business that is honored to provide fast, friendly, and professional service to our community.
We are eager to assist you with the following :

Lockouts (Automobile, Home, Business, Storage, Bicycle, Tool boxes, Safes, etc.)
Being locked out of your own property is frustrating and a terrible inconvenience that tends to happen when you're already in a hurry. We can help, super fast!

Re-keying (re-pinning) & Master keying
Controlling access to your building or rooms within that building is vital to your safety and the security of your property. If you have a disgruntled former employee or a living arrangement gone south or you just want to know that you have the only keys, don't wait until it's too late - call us today.

Lock Replacement (also latches, knobs/levers, exit devices, and other hardware)
Whether you need to replace worn out or failed hardware, upgrade security, or just want a new look, we will help you choose from our inventory or special order items.

Often when you think you need to replace hardware, a simple repair will do the trick.  One of the most common failures we see is a knob or lever that no longer releases properly. Another is improper alignment caused by gradual shift. Give us a call and explain your problem and we will advise you of the best course of action.

Key Extraction
Key stuck or broken off in your lock? Don't worry, it's unlikely you'll need to replace it (nor the other 4 locks that take the same key) if you call us out to remove it for you. We will then test and clean or service your lock to help prevent recurrence.

New Installation
Need a lock, knob/lever, or other entry device where none has been before? No problem, we can neatly and precisely perform a fresh installation onsite.